My name is Molly Wheaton, post-collegiate living and studying in New England. I'm a sucker for sample sales, gluten free desserts, my two doggies named Max and Lucy, and I have big plans to relocate to London in the fall of 2013. I started The British Imposter as a way to share my love of fashion and all things British, and to document my progress as I gear up to graduate university and move overseas. 

Bits and Bobs: 

    I absolutely hate to cook but with Pinterest, Celiac Disease, and a Whole Foods literally steps away from where
    I'm living, the occasional experiments are forthcoming. 

    My favorite piece of clothing in my wardrobe is a blush-pink Stella McCartney wrap cashmere sweater I snatched
    up for a mere $120 USD at the Filine's Basement liquidation sale... originally priced at €1,500 EUR, y'all! 

    I'm dreadful at CSS and HTML. I'm so sorry. 

    With my first-ever paycheck from my first-ever job (ice cream scooping is serious business), I bought a pair of
    cherry red Ray Ban Wayfarers. 

    I freak out whenever I see a dog. I really love dogs. 

    I spent my very first semester of college on a study abroad program in London, which completely changed my life.
    Since then, it's been my goal to return for good-- and meet Prince Harry and get married and the whole shebang.
    Totally gonna happen. 

    I kill for cupcakes.

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