17 July 2012

Tuesday's Wishlist

A couple days off from work have left me with plenty of Macbook alone time-- aka, too many hours wasted on my favorite websites, filling my shopping cars with things I know I can never buy. But... I really want to buy something. Of course, this is a desire I fight on a daily basis, but today I'm struggling even MORE than usual. Not good. Here's five of the things making my cry for my credit card today:
Hidden Gem Dress - £138 - Three Floor
Loeffler Randall 'Nadine' Flat - $325
Floral Print Cutout Maxi Dress - $118 - Topshop
Alphabet Charm Bracelet - $40 - Gorjana
Union Jack Picture Frame - $34 - C. Wonder

It's so hot outside and I don't want to go to the gym.... so it's more than likely one of these beauties will soon be in the mail straight to me!!

What's spicing up your day?


02 July 2012

Take Three : Three Floor Bare Neath Peplum

I was recently introduced to a fabulous new fashion brand called Three Floor. Just launched this past November, Three Floor's incredibly detailed, innovative, and feminine designs are making waves across Pinterest and the bloggosphere. After spotting Kristina of Kayture in a Three Floor dress, I had to check it out.

... And fell. in. love. Seriously. I'm obsessing over evvvverything.

One of my most favorite pieces was this adorable pastel and nude peplum top. At first, I had absolutely NO idea if such a unique statement piece could really be made versitile and workable in a wardrobe, so I played around a little and came up with some styling ideas!

Obviously, some of these fab shoes and bags aren't so fab for the college student's budget, but are representative of a lot of pieces many women already have! Black pencil? Check. Patterned trousers? Hello H&M. Leopard clutch? Ca-Learly a 2012 staple.

Now if you, like me, are craving more Three Floor, they are currently having a sale on their website!! I'm going to try not to cry/die/spend all of my money. Also, find them on Facebook!

Have you bought anything from Three Floor? What do you think? I'm dying to know if its as incredible as it looks!

xxoo, Molly