25 December 2012

Christmas Snow(men cookies)

It isn't often that I venture into the land of domestic diva-dom, because usually it ends with disastrous results. Today, however, I challenged myself in the name of Christmas Cheer and whipped up some cookies for Christmas dinner that I decorated like melting snowmen! I'm pretty proud, I gotta say... even if some of the cookies broke, even if some of the snowmen look a little worse for wear, and eeeeeven if a good ten cookies disappeared before they could be decorated... oops? I have a weak will when it comes to cookies!

For those interested, I used this basic sugar cookie recipe, but made it Gluten Free by using Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free All-Purpose Baking Flour!! For those who are curious, I've had really good luck with a lot of Bob's Red Mill products-- the texture and taste are pretty spot-on! Even better, products are popping up in discount stores like Ocean State Job Lot and the Christmas Tree Shop.

The most delicious part of the whole endeavour (the frosting, duh) is naturally gluten free, and CRAZY tasty. Thank you, Savory Sweet Life, for your awesome recipe! For the rest of the decorations, I just popped by the baking aisle in my local grocery store to find some glittery piping gel, iridescent flaky bits, and a couple packages of marshmallows.

Did any of you take on some festive projects this holiday? I'm getting so inspired by seeing everyone's creations!!

xxoo, Molly

(P.S. Remember: Stay away from yellow snow! Unless its made of buttercream and on top of a delicious cookie)

24 December 2012

Happy Holidays!

Christmas in London

Have a very glorious, glamorous, and grand holiday, everyone!!
I'll be spending the next few days cuddling with my doggies and kitten, eating cookies for breakfast, and annoying my visiting family with my caroling (who would ever complain about a free concert?!)
I hope your day is filled with love, luck, and happiness!!

xxoo, Molly
(gorgeous photo from xmas--lights on tumblr)

23 December 2012

Gift that Gal!

I know, I know, gift guides are dime-a-dozen in the blogospere right about now... but I'm here to help you get a dozen for a dime! I'll admit it-- I am a HORRIBLE gift-giver. I panic and freak and think the world will literally end, right there, if I don't find the perfect present for everyone on my list. That's why, after some very embarrassing sobbing, I developed this little formula for the perfect, no-fail gift: 1. Get cute, reusable pouch/bag/tote/whateva; 2. Fill it with a plethora of AWESOME stuff!

Here are some of my fab finds:

Gift that Gal!

Shop the goodness of this glam bag here:
2. Glitter Pots by Louise Gray in Peacock // $6 (on sale!!!)
4. Illamasqua Nail Varnish Duo in Viridian/ Glitterati // $19 (on sale!!!)

26 October 2012

In the SAME ROOM as Christian Louboutin!

It was 3:21 pm when I heard the news: Christian Louboutin— as in, THE Christian LOUBOUTIN— would be at Saks Fifth Avenue in the Prudential Center from 4-6 pm that day, October.

Now of course I didn’t care about the fact that I just took a cab home from class thanks to a sinus infection sent by the Devil, or that I’m so poor I can’t even afford the DREAM of owning a pair of Loubs. I had to be there. If only to breathe the same air as the Master himself.

So, I picked my sorry butt out of bed, dry-swallowed a couple of Tylenol, and hit the road.

As a poor girl, I didn’t have any red-bottomed babes with which to honor Monsieur Louboutin, so I slapped on some NARS Jungle Red lipstick and painted my toes at the T with some red Revlon polish. Super classy, I know.

When I arrived to Saks’ “1022 Shoe” section— or, basically, Candyland— it was clear we were in the presence of a celebrity. Waiters dressed in black balanced silver trays filled with bubbling champagne glasses and mini bottles of Perrier. A crowd of women in sequined and feathered LBDs loitered throughout the decadent displays of Louboutin’s creations, and the man himself sat behind a red carpet with his own Secret Service and two perfect-looking assistants. King of Saks’ Second Floor.

Those lucky enough to snag a pair of pretty red-soled pumps for themselves had already wrapped around the perimeter of the floor waiting for Louboutin to sign their soles. I begged an official-looking employee to let me hop in line — “But please! I’m a student! I just want him to sign my lipstick and nail polish!”— but no luck. So, I wandered around glaring enviously at all the ladies and gents debating which pair to buy, sipping on my Perrier, and praying Mister Louboutin would take pity on a sad, poor looking girl with red lipstick and bestow upon her a pair of nude Pigalle 120’s (size 39).

Again, no luck.

But! I did get to spend a lovely afternoon gazing longingly at some of the most artistic and exquisite shoes in creation, and felt truly honored to be in the presence of such an incredible and influential designer. 

Now, some eye-candy for your viewing pleasure:

For more pictures from today, follow me on instagram @molly_wheaton
For more Louboutin, head to his website or check out Saks’ selection.

17 July 2012

Tuesday's Wishlist

A couple days off from work have left me with plenty of Macbook alone time-- aka, too many hours wasted on my favorite websites, filling my shopping cars with things I know I can never buy. But... I really want to buy something. Of course, this is a desire I fight on a daily basis, but today I'm struggling even MORE than usual. Not good. Here's five of the things making my cry for my credit card today:
Hidden Gem Dress - £138 - Three Floor
Loeffler Randall 'Nadine' Flat - $325
Floral Print Cutout Maxi Dress - $118 - Topshop
Alphabet Charm Bracelet - $40 - Gorjana
Union Jack Picture Frame - $34 - C. Wonder

It's so hot outside and I don't want to go to the gym.... so it's more than likely one of these beauties will soon be in the mail straight to me!!

What's spicing up your day?


02 July 2012

Take Three : Three Floor Bare Neath Peplum

I was recently introduced to a fabulous new fashion brand called Three Floor. Just launched this past November, Three Floor's incredibly detailed, innovative, and feminine designs are making waves across Pinterest and the bloggosphere. After spotting Kristina of Kayture in a Three Floor dress, I had to check it out.

... And fell. in. love. Seriously. I'm obsessing over evvvverything.

One of my most favorite pieces was this adorable pastel and nude peplum top. At first, I had absolutely NO idea if such a unique statement piece could really be made versitile and workable in a wardrobe, so I played around a little and came up with some styling ideas!

Obviously, some of these fab shoes and bags aren't so fab for the college student's budget, but are representative of a lot of pieces many women already have! Black pencil? Check. Patterned trousers? Hello H&M. Leopard clutch? Ca-Learly a 2012 staple.

Now if you, like me, are craving more Three Floor, they are currently having a sale on their website!! I'm going to try not to cry/die/spend all of my money. Also, find them on Facebook!

Have you bought anything from Three Floor? What do you think? I'm dying to know if its as incredible as it looks!

xxoo, Molly

12 June 2012

The Face Kit

I've been on a cosmetic kick lately-- not that that's at all unusual for me-- so I decided to share with you all what's inside my makeup bag! These are my absolute favorite products that I buy over and over again, the ones I just can't live without! I'm also in the market for a new under-eye concealer, so hit me up with any recommendations! :)
Inside my Makeup Bag!

xxoo, Molly

Fabulous Footgear - Help!!

For the LONGEST time I have been searching for the perfect summer sandals. With the weather getting sunnier and muggier and hotter every day, I needed to buck up and finally make a decision on which pair would be gracing my feet for the first summer soiree.

The thing is, I'm incredibly, annoyingly, hazardously picky when it comes to footwear. In order for me to whip out my wallet and commit, shoes basically need to stun me senseless... which is difficult, usually, because I get so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of pretty options.

SO. I developed a little list of guidelines to help keep me focused and goal-oriented:

1. Budget. Must be under $50 USD.
2. Style. Flip flops are definitely out. I adore the look of t-straps, bows, buckles, glitter, mixed metals-- but versatility and wearability are essential.
3. Comfort. By the end of last summer, my feet were WRECKED by my old sandals, which had no cushioning and no ability to mold to my feet. In an effort to protect this summer's pedicures, I'm avoiding any pair without padding.
 Halogen Softy Sandals $56 USD / Hint Cross-over Glitter Sandal $50 USD

I absolutely adore the soft, buttery look of these Halogen sandals, and the metallic patches are a great little detail... they're juuuuust barely over my budget, though, and I'm trying to stay strong!

Glitter. Oh, glitter. I think its obvious why these Hint sandals are a favorite. However insanely adorable they are, I do worry about how well the glitter will hold up, and I'm TRYING to go for a neutral that will work with every outfit, so unfortunately the pink is out. Wah.
JS by Jessica Jonny Sandal $49.95 USD / Michael Antonio Dryden Sandal $34.95 USD

I really like the simple look of these Jonny sandals by Jessica Simpson, and LOVE the colorblocked straps, but I'm still not completely sold!

This pair by Michael Antonio appealed to me as an update of the classic gladiator style. The smaller bands of leather and plaited t-strap are feminine and subtle, and the price is definitely right! But I do have one concern-- will my heels get sweaty in these?! I know, I'm a freak, but who wants sweaty, covered-up heels in the middle of summer?!

ASOS FLOSSY Leather Sandals $31.31 USD / Oasis Snake Print Flat Sandals $45.23 USD

Obviously color-blocking is wonderful and fabulous in every way, and I have an unnatural obsession with all neutrals... so clearly, these Flossy sandals by ASOS were made for me. The price tag doesn't hurt too bad either!

I'm currently OBSESSED with snake print-- blouses, bags, brassieres, everything. I did kind of gasp a little when I saw these simple, perfect, nude-and-snake buckled sandals by Oasis. ... I think I need them. However, even though they fit in my budget, they're still a wee bit pricey for such a teeny bit of leather and rubber. Am I the only one who has so much trouble forking over my wallet for such a teeny amount of shoe?!

And, of course, because I am weak, I couldn't help but find a couple pairs of sandals I would seriously debate selling a couple of organs on the black market for. I mean, one girl doesn't need TWO kidneys, does she? I'll need to think about this... while gushing and crying over these incredible shoes.

See by Chloe Scallop-Strap Flat Sandal On Sale for $165 USD

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Clous Studded Flat Sandals $617.52

Miu Miu Studded Starfish Flat Sandal On Sale for $483 USD

UGH. So many choices! With the weather getting warmer and warmer every day-- and my toes practically SCREAMING for a pedicure-- I've got to make a purchase soon. What do you all think? I'm totally leaning towards the Flossy pair by Asos... but  I can't make up my mind! 

Any opinions? Which pair should grace my outrageously neglected feet this summer?

xxoo, Mollly

07 June 2012

Jigsaw Says LOVE ME.

I received quite the exciting surprise in my inbox this morning-- an email from Pinterest, my beloved, informing me that Jigsaw London started following me! Now, for those of you not familiar with Jigsaw, it is one of my most favorite UK stores-- even if I could only stare and cry longingly into its windows, tethered to my poor college student's nonexistent budget.

Jigsaw's collections are always classic and elegant, timeless with just a touch of edge and intrigue. It's a perfect shop for high quality staples, versatile dresses, and chic statement pieces easy to slip into any woman's wardrobe. For those of you lucky enough to have a Jigsaw or two near you-- go in EVERY store you can! Each location is completely different, stuffed full of antique decorations that highlight preexisting architecture, which makes every trip to Jigsaw beautiful in more ways than one.

To celebrate and thank my new follower, I've complied a list of some of my most favorite Jigsaw pieces! Ah, to dream.
Silk Georgette Wrap Dress - On Sale for $210 USD

Leather Wedge Shoes - $235 USD

Sequin Cropped Jacket - $485 USD

Pleated Silk Belt - On Sale for $18 USD

Basket Weave Beaded Shift Dress - $325 USD

Campomaggi Small Union Jack Bag - $620 USD
Military Wrap Skirt - $158 USD
Striped Breton Top - $75 USD

To be honest, it was probably a mistake to visit Jigsaw's US website... again. For about the third time this week. I just want everything! I'll definitely have dreams about that Sequined Jacket, which totally reminds me of Chanel's Peridot nail polish... will definitely need to run out and buy a BAG full of lottery tickets, ASAP.

Have you stopped by Jigsaw? What are some of your favorite pieces?

- Molly, xxoo

30 May 2012

Happy Diamond Jubilee!

via Nando Machado/Shutterstock.com
Although I was born and raised in the United States, I've always fancied myself a Brit at heart. Yes, okay, I always wake up wishing I was in London, but today especially! For any Londoners or Anglophiles out there-- what are your plans for the Jubilee? Trying as hard as I am to force my wallet away from Liberty of London's Jubilee inspired collection? I literally want every. single. thing.

UPDATE: After spotting it on one of my favorite blogs, A Diary of Lovely, I stopped breathing, died, and managed to whip out my credit card in time to snag this amazing, adorable Cath Kidston skirt in honor of the Queen's big day. Thank you so much to Helena of A Diary of Lovely for posting about this little beauty!!

Cath Kidston Guards Skirt $55 USD