01 October 2013

28 September 2013

Colour Crush : Ice Blue

As a dedicated monochromist, this is a huge moment for me.

You guys... I have a new favorite colour.

Pale, ice-white blue is all over the SS14 runways, and I cant get enough. A good number of my favorite looks that I pinned to my London Fashion Week board were ice blue, and I just can't get over how gorgeous it is.

And as if I needed to fall even harder, Gemma Arterton was in the October issue of InStyle US in a gorgeously fuzzy Acne sweater, and some snaps of her outside of Holly Fulton's show last September have had me secretly craving a pair of ice blue shorts for months.

So here are a few of my runway and Gemma inspirations, plus a little collection of some ice blue beauties that have caught my eye.

Serious damage to my wallet may or may not be on the horizon.

(And by "may" or "may not" I mean undoubtedly)

Colour Crush: Ice Blue

Topshop Jumper / Zara Clutch / Vintage Clutch / Topshop Blazer / Zara Flats /
Opening Ceremony Sweatshirt / French Connection Dress / Zara Skirt /
Swedish Hasbeens Sandals / Topshop Tank / RGB Nail Polish in Pool / Zara Bag

What colours have you been loving lately? Share! ... And if you have any other gorgeously ice blue-coloured finds, don't hesitate to share them here ;)

xoxo, Molly

* runway photos from British Vogue, Gemma from Gemma Arterton Online  

18 September 2013

LFW SS14 - Temperley London

It's no wonder a Queen-to-Be is a fan of Temperley London. Her designs encapsulate the modern princess-- a true lady of style, grace, and some damn fabulous billowy skirts.

I mean, the SS14 collection was just beaauuuutiful to look at. I loved the entire thing so much that it was hard to narrow my choices down to just a few. I expect we'll be seeing a lot of these gowns come awards season, and I can't wait to see who wears what!

And an added SS14 show tidbit? Three guesses who did makeup.

Yes, you're correct. Lisa Freaking Eldridge.

If that's not the recipe for a perfect show, I don't know what is.

Breathe, ladies.

xoxo, Molly

* photos from Vogue UK

17 September 2013

LFW SS14 - Erdem

I fell for Erdem after seeing their gorgeously rich floral prints from the Resort 2013 collection. Gemma Arterton (the love of my life, as you should know by now) wore a gooooooorgeous Erdem gown to the Sydney premiere of Hansel and Gretl: Witch Hunters and I still can't get it out of my mind.

I have to admit I was a teeny tiny bit disappointed with this most recent collection. Just a tiny bit. In day-to-day life I am a fiercely dedicated monochrome girl, but this was kind of a black and white overload for me. But still, just about every piece makes me sigh-- so feminine, so pretty, so ethereal.

What did you think of the Erdem SS14 show? Did you miss color too?

xoxo, Molly

* photos from Vogue UK

LFW SS14 - Burberry Prorsum

Every. Damn. Year. Christopher Bailey you lovely, lovely, genius of a man.

I mean, the show speaks for itself. Burberry has turned out some SERIOUSLY incredible collections for the last few seasons, but this has to be my favorite. No competition. I can't even handle how good this is.

Just give me everything. Please. I dont want it-- I need it. IV of Bailey, stat.

xoxo, Molly

*photos from Vogue UK

LFW SS14 - Antonio Berardi

I mean, how stunning is this collection?!

I think Antonio Berardi might have created one of my most favorite collections of the entire SS14 season. Every single piece is just gorgeous, and the incredible workmanship is evident in every seam and every embellishment.

Never in my life will I have enough money-- or a proper occasion, for that matter-- to wear a Berardi number, but god... they're just so incredible to look at!

I mean... guh. I die. Such a genius.

xoxo, Molly

  * photos from Vogue UK

15 September 2013

LFW SS14 - Mulberry (!!!)


The most anticipated show of all of fashion month (for me, at least) happened this morning at the gorgeous Claridge's Hotel in London. As usual, Mulberry pulled out all the stops to create a quaint English garden for their showspace, complete with faux-grass, flowers, and a peacock or two. Today's show was also a major moment in Mulberry history: Emma Hill, the increeeeedible creative director that launched Mulberry's first ever ready-to-wear line, leaves her post tomorrow.

I'm really interested to see who is chosen to stand at the helm of Mulberry next! Do you have any ideas?  Just keep the gorgeous bags and catwalk puppies coming, please.

First up, how perfect are these invites?! Super fancy Wedgewood created these adorable mini teacups and saucers emblazoned with the now-iconic Mulberry tree. I would probably cry if I opened up an invitation and found one of these guys.

Well, lets be real. I'd cry if I got an invitation written on a freakin' piece of toilet tissue.

Neither of the above will be happening.

Anyway, onto the looks!

As usual, I'm in heaven. I'm seriously loving that pale, icy-blue colour I've seen on a lot of runways this season, and all-white looks are always favorites of mine. I would seriously buy eeeeeeevery piece that came down the runway, but at the top of my list is the new DOUBLE-SIDED Bayswater (!!!!!!), those embellished white platforms, and that ridiculously gorgeous white architectural short-sleeve jacket.

Oh, and I'll take the pup too. His name is Turbo. Love it.

What were some of your favorites from The Fabulous Emma Hill's last Mulberry collection? Check out all the looks (or watch the show! So good!) over here at the Mulberry website!

xoxo, Molly

**Photos from nowfashion.com

14 September 2013

LFW SS14 - Holly Fulton

Well you didn't expect me to let London Fashion Week just pass by, did you?!

I'll be recapping a few of my favorite collections here on the blog to share a little LFW love with everyone. I'm unfortunately not fabulous enough to attend any of these shows on my own (dur), so I'll be nabbing pictures from style.com to share some of my favorite looks.

Up first is a new favorite of mine- Holly Fulton! I first noticed her a few months ago when one of my favorite actresses attended her show, and was totally captivated by her designs. So bright and ladylike! This SS14 collection was no disappointment-- I'm already sobbing over a couple of pieces that I'll never be rich enough to own.

 I mean, that last printed dress? The grey printed short-sleeve button up? The sweater with the pink details. Ugh, I die. Starting a Holly Fulton for Molly Fund STAT.

What are some of your favorite Holly looks? Check out the full collection here!


04 September 2013

Friends from London to New York

This past weekend I was ridiculously excited to meet a good friend of mine, Evie, in New York for some shopping and reminiscing. I first met Evie in London four years ago as baby college freshman, both of us living in the same house for our study abroad programme. Here we are back then on Southbank-- our favorite part of the city! At least once a week we'd walk up the canal behind our house and take the tube from Angel to St. Paul's, walk around the cathedral and across the Millennium Bridge, along the bank, and to Waterloo. She also wore a giant plant-helmet on her head at the Thames Festival.

Even though I haven't seen Evie for about two years,  she's one of those utterly lovely people who makes you feel as though no time has passed at all. We met at Topshop-- naturally-- and meandered around Soho. We split an AMAZEBALLS gluten free pesto and goat cheese pizza at Risotteria, which I hiiiiighly recommend for any Celiacs/gluten intolerant out there. Amaaaaaazing giant asiago breadsticks that just keep comin' and tons of GF goodies from their bakery. I can't wait to go back and try some of their "oreos"!

After lunch we paid quick respect to Stonewall and magically found ourselves inside the little pet shop next door. I'm ashamed of myself for giving a pet store any attention (adopt don't shop, people!!), but the tiny fat Frenchies in the window were just too much. So we ended up playing with little puppies for about an hour, and when I had to leave my new tiny friend-- the pudgy-fat faced boy below-- I got a tiny bit teary eyed. Ah, my fat little love.

We ended the night with a fabulous plate of steak frites at my favorite NYC restaurant, Les Halles. Seriously, this place is just too good. $21 for unbelievable steak on Park Avenue? Adorable french cafe decor? DONE. They recently redid the menus and now have little "gf" symbols next to everything that's safe, which is probably about 75% of the menu... score.

I was sat to part with Evie for our trains home, but had an incredible day with an incredible friend. I can't wait to conquer another city together!

Please excuse my crazy face in this one. Whateva, I was excited. Salted Caramel Froyo and a dear friend will do that to a girl.

xoxo, Molly

27 August 2013

26 August 2013

My Foundation Family

Maybe its because I have been cursed blessed with skin so pale its nearly translucent, but foundation has always been my favorite makeup product... weird, I know. But to me, there's nothing more gorgeous than perfect, even skin.

When you're so pale you can see almost every vein in your entire head, there's obviously a lot of trial and error. My foundations and I have been through a lot over the years, but these guys are the top of the lot. Even if you aren't pasty like me, most of these come in a variety of shades. I do believe this lot is better suited to dry skin (another "blessing"), but play around and see what works for you!

Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua came into my life via the all-knowing and all-powerful Lisa Eldridge, my makeup deity. Once I saw she used it on my favorite person ever in the entire world, Gemma Arterton, I knew it had to be mine. Gemma and I have similar coloring (though I haven't been blessed with her gorgeous freckles), and my skin is quite combination, so I had high hopes. This is tied for my #1 favorite... super light, super blendable, and perfect for no makeup-makeup. It looks like you're wearing absolutely nothing and simply have lovely skin... yes, please. This is best applied with fingers as its water-based,  with a quick shake-up before slapping some on. Just be warned-- the color range on this one is incredibly limited, so those with darker skin are better off with Perfection Lumiere.

The very first foundation I ever bought was Clinique's Even Better Makeup. I was fifteen and my mother refused to let me wear makeup without first taking me to the counter and being shown how to correctly apply. ... THANK YOU, Mom! Since then I've repurchased more times than I can count, and given how light this little bottle is getting, I foresee a trip back to the counter in the near future. Clinique's Even Better is quite a "traditional" liquid foundation, I think-- medium coverage, quite thick out of the tube, though I've found it tends to settle in fine lines if I haven't blended well enough. This is a great "everyday" foundation as its a bit more affordable than the rest, and my poor pale skin appreciates the SPF 15. There is a massive range of shades with this baby, too. Double win!

On the very rare and magical occasion I'm having a good skin day-- or, let's face it, if I'm feeling incredibly lazy-- Smashbox's Camera Ready BB Cream is locked and loaded. Like most (all?) BB Creams, Camera Ready blends perfectly into the skin. Its a great simple, minimal base with sheer but buildable coverage... perfect for Sunday mornings at the grocery store or and exhausted coffee run. I'll apply a second layer of Camera Ready to the parts of my face that need a little extra help, usually my chin and my nose, but even then its sheer enough to let my freckles and natural skin show through. Also perfect for gross summer days! This only comes in five shades but they seem to be quite versatile, and if you can't find a shade that suits you perfectly these are really easy to mix with other bases.

Vichy's Dermablend Corrective Foundation is another Lisa Eldridge-suggested buy. Last winter I had an unfortunate run-in with some sort of face cream that left my skin covered, and I mean covered, in ugly little bumps and red all over. After watching an acne-covering tutorial by-- you guessed it-- Lisa Eldridge, I hunted down some Vichy to try to look less like a victim of leprosy. I finally found a few tubes at my local pharmacy and picked up the lightest shade... which, pathetically, ended up being too dark for me. Its not that noticable for spot concealing, but when used all over as a true foundation, I had to mix it with a bit of the Smashbox to get the proper color. Vichy Dermablend definitely covered all my spots, but did tend to emphasize the dry bits. This one is FULL coverage, so good if you have a breakout or acne, but a little too heavy for everyday use. Its good to have waiting in the wings, just in case of another tragic skin day. Color range is a little pathetic and best suited to medium skin tones, unless you mix like I have to.

The most recent addition to my foundation- and tied with Vitalumiere for #1-- is Diorskin Airflash SPRAY foundation. Yes, ladies and lads, spray foundation. This was a formula I had never considered until one day, while weak and browsing Sephora's teasing display of new foundations,  I gave the back of my hand a quick spritz. And then angels descended from the sky, everything started to glow, a harpist appeared and started playing romantic melodies-- it was me and Diorskin Airflash, alone together in a room, in love. Without a second thought, I picked up my shade and marched right up to pay. A whopping $62 USD-- but so worth it. Airflash- like Chanel's Vitalumiere- gives me seamless coverage. I'm still working out the best way to use this one, as spraying directly on my face dispenses way too much makeup, but I feel like using a brush makes it settle in pores and fine lines more. I know lots of people love using sponges like the Beauty Blender for spray products, buuuuuut Ms. Eldridge says no way, so I say no way. Airflash has incredible staying power, comes in a really respectable range of shades, makes my skin feel like velvet, and gives me that perfect glow I'm always searching for. If you have this little guy and have any tips to help with application, though, help a girl out!!

 What are your favorite foundations? I'm always excited to check out new reccommendations!

xoxo, Molly