12 June 2012

Fabulous Footgear - Help!!

For the LONGEST time I have been searching for the perfect summer sandals. With the weather getting sunnier and muggier and hotter every day, I needed to buck up and finally make a decision on which pair would be gracing my feet for the first summer soiree.

The thing is, I'm incredibly, annoyingly, hazardously picky when it comes to footwear. In order for me to whip out my wallet and commit, shoes basically need to stun me senseless... which is difficult, usually, because I get so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of pretty options.

SO. I developed a little list of guidelines to help keep me focused and goal-oriented:

1. Budget. Must be under $50 USD.
2. Style. Flip flops are definitely out. I adore the look of t-straps, bows, buckles, glitter, mixed metals-- but versatility and wearability are essential.
3. Comfort. By the end of last summer, my feet were WRECKED by my old sandals, which had no cushioning and no ability to mold to my feet. In an effort to protect this summer's pedicures, I'm avoiding any pair without padding.
 Halogen Softy Sandals $56 USD / Hint Cross-over Glitter Sandal $50 USD

I absolutely adore the soft, buttery look of these Halogen sandals, and the metallic patches are a great little detail... they're juuuuust barely over my budget, though, and I'm trying to stay strong!

Glitter. Oh, glitter. I think its obvious why these Hint sandals are a favorite. However insanely adorable they are, I do worry about how well the glitter will hold up, and I'm TRYING to go for a neutral that will work with every outfit, so unfortunately the pink is out. Wah.
JS by Jessica Jonny Sandal $49.95 USD / Michael Antonio Dryden Sandal $34.95 USD

I really like the simple look of these Jonny sandals by Jessica Simpson, and LOVE the colorblocked straps, but I'm still not completely sold!

This pair by Michael Antonio appealed to me as an update of the classic gladiator style. The smaller bands of leather and plaited t-strap are feminine and subtle, and the price is definitely right! But I do have one concern-- will my heels get sweaty in these?! I know, I'm a freak, but who wants sweaty, covered-up heels in the middle of summer?!

ASOS FLOSSY Leather Sandals $31.31 USD / Oasis Snake Print Flat Sandals $45.23 USD

Obviously color-blocking is wonderful and fabulous in every way, and I have an unnatural obsession with all neutrals... so clearly, these Flossy sandals by ASOS were made for me. The price tag doesn't hurt too bad either!

I'm currently OBSESSED with snake print-- blouses, bags, brassieres, everything. I did kind of gasp a little when I saw these simple, perfect, nude-and-snake buckled sandals by Oasis. ... I think I need them. However, even though they fit in my budget, they're still a wee bit pricey for such a teeny bit of leather and rubber. Am I the only one who has so much trouble forking over my wallet for such a teeny amount of shoe?!

And, of course, because I am weak, I couldn't help but find a couple pairs of sandals I would seriously debate selling a couple of organs on the black market for. I mean, one girl doesn't need TWO kidneys, does she? I'll need to think about this... while gushing and crying over these incredible shoes.

See by Chloe Scallop-Strap Flat Sandal On Sale for $165 USD

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Clous Studded Flat Sandals $617.52

Miu Miu Studded Starfish Flat Sandal On Sale for $483 USD

UGH. So many choices! With the weather getting warmer and warmer every day-- and my toes practically SCREAMING for a pedicure-- I've got to make a purchase soon. What do you all think? I'm totally leaning towards the Flossy pair by Asos... but  I can't make up my mind! 

Any opinions? Which pair should grace my outrageously neglected feet this summer?

xxoo, Mollly

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