17 July 2012

Tuesday's Wishlist

A couple days off from work have left me with plenty of Macbook alone time-- aka, too many hours wasted on my favorite websites, filling my shopping cars with things I know I can never buy. But... I really want to buy something. Of course, this is a desire I fight on a daily basis, but today I'm struggling even MORE than usual. Not good. Here's five of the things making my cry for my credit card today:
Hidden Gem Dress - £138 - Three Floor
Loeffler Randall 'Nadine' Flat - $325
Floral Print Cutout Maxi Dress - $118 - Topshop
Alphabet Charm Bracelet - $40 - Gorjana
Union Jack Picture Frame - $34 - C. Wonder

It's so hot outside and I don't want to go to the gym.... so it's more than likely one of these beauties will soon be in the mail straight to me!!

What's spicing up your day?


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