26 October 2012

In the SAME ROOM as Christian Louboutin!

It was 3:21 pm when I heard the news: Christian Louboutin— as in, THE Christian LOUBOUTIN— would be at Saks Fifth Avenue in the Prudential Center from 4-6 pm that day, October.

Now of course I didn’t care about the fact that I just took a cab home from class thanks to a sinus infection sent by the Devil, or that I’m so poor I can’t even afford the DREAM of owning a pair of Loubs. I had to be there. If only to breathe the same air as the Master himself.

So, I picked my sorry butt out of bed, dry-swallowed a couple of Tylenol, and hit the road.

As a poor girl, I didn’t have any red-bottomed babes with which to honor Monsieur Louboutin, so I slapped on some NARS Jungle Red lipstick and painted my toes at the T with some red Revlon polish. Super classy, I know.

When I arrived to Saks’ “1022 Shoe” section— or, basically, Candyland— it was clear we were in the presence of a celebrity. Waiters dressed in black balanced silver trays filled with bubbling champagne glasses and mini bottles of Perrier. A crowd of women in sequined and feathered LBDs loitered throughout the decadent displays of Louboutin’s creations, and the man himself sat behind a red carpet with his own Secret Service and two perfect-looking assistants. King of Saks’ Second Floor.

Those lucky enough to snag a pair of pretty red-soled pumps for themselves had already wrapped around the perimeter of the floor waiting for Louboutin to sign their soles. I begged an official-looking employee to let me hop in line — “But please! I’m a student! I just want him to sign my lipstick and nail polish!”— but no luck. So, I wandered around glaring enviously at all the ladies and gents debating which pair to buy, sipping on my Perrier, and praying Mister Louboutin would take pity on a sad, poor looking girl with red lipstick and bestow upon her a pair of nude Pigalle 120’s (size 39).

Again, no luck.

But! I did get to spend a lovely afternoon gazing longingly at some of the most artistic and exquisite shoes in creation, and felt truly honored to be in the presence of such an incredible and influential designer. 

Now, some eye-candy for your viewing pleasure:

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For more Louboutin, head to his website or check out Saks’ selection.

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