25 December 2012

Christmas Snow(men cookies)

It isn't often that I venture into the land of domestic diva-dom, because usually it ends with disastrous results. Today, however, I challenged myself in the name of Christmas Cheer and whipped up some cookies for Christmas dinner that I decorated like melting snowmen! I'm pretty proud, I gotta say... even if some of the cookies broke, even if some of the snowmen look a little worse for wear, and eeeeeven if a good ten cookies disappeared before they could be decorated... oops? I have a weak will when it comes to cookies!

For those interested, I used this basic sugar cookie recipe, but made it Gluten Free by using Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free All-Purpose Baking Flour!! For those who are curious, I've had really good luck with a lot of Bob's Red Mill products-- the texture and taste are pretty spot-on! Even better, products are popping up in discount stores like Ocean State Job Lot and the Christmas Tree Shop.

The most delicious part of the whole endeavour (the frosting, duh) is naturally gluten free, and CRAZY tasty. Thank you, Savory Sweet Life, for your awesome recipe! For the rest of the decorations, I just popped by the baking aisle in my local grocery store to find some glittery piping gel, iridescent flaky bits, and a couple packages of marshmallows.

Did any of you take on some festive projects this holiday? I'm getting so inspired by seeing everyone's creations!!

xxoo, Molly

(P.S. Remember: Stay away from yellow snow! Unless its made of buttercream and on top of a delicious cookie)

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