23 December 2012

Gift that Gal!

I know, I know, gift guides are dime-a-dozen in the blogospere right about now... but I'm here to help you get a dozen for a dime! I'll admit it-- I am a HORRIBLE gift-giver. I panic and freak and think the world will literally end, right there, if I don't find the perfect present for everyone on my list. That's why, after some very embarrassing sobbing, I developed this little formula for the perfect, no-fail gift: 1. Get cute, reusable pouch/bag/tote/whateva; 2. Fill it with a plethora of AWESOME stuff!

Here are some of my fab finds:

Gift that Gal!

Shop the goodness of this glam bag here:
2. Glitter Pots by Louise Gray in Peacock // $6 (on sale!!!)
4. Illamasqua Nail Varnish Duo in Viridian/ Glitterati // $19 (on sale!!!)

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