19 August 2013

Lips on Lock

Since Prada's Resort 2012 collection, Lip prints have been big on my mind. As a girl who mostly sticks to neutrals (totally plain ones, at that), the pink-and-red kiss-speckled print SHOULD be totally out of my comfort zone... but for some inexplicable reason, I'm obsessed.

Here are a few of my favorites floating around the internet:

Lips on Lock

As a crazy-broke post-collegiate, a lot of these are (obviously) way out of my price range. If I could live the dream, I would literally scoop up ALL of Lulu Guinness' website-- she is, undoubtedly, the Queen of Lips. Lulu does have an adorable and affordable diffusion line at JC Penny's, where you can grab Anglo-themed totes and accessories. Of course, her signature kiss has to make an appearance-- how cute is this belt?!

And yeah, whatever, I HAD to include the entire Erin by Erin Featherston Lipstick-Print Collection (well, almost-- there's also this adorable dress). I remember seeing the Marianne Dress in a shop window back in Boston and it literally stopped me in the middle of the sidewalk... and then I got crashed into by a bunch of angry Bostonians, but it was totally worth it. In case you, like me, still don't want to fork over the cash for these amazeballs pieces-- even though they're all on CRAZY sale right now!!-- the incredibly talented Maegan (yes, that Maegan. ...love, Maegan Maegan) whipped up a perfect DIY version of Erin's Patricia Pants. And so easy!

And a couple more of my faves... this cute Paul & Joe tank (on sale!),  ridiculously chic DVF Blazer (on sale!), cozy ASOS Curve sweater, and fun Forever 21 Sweatshirt!

Are you as crazy for kisses as I am? What are some of your Lip-Loves?

xoxo, Molly

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